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Welcome to Asian Art Exports

Asian Art Exports is one of the biggest high quality manufacturers of wooden and industrial furniture as well as small items and handicrafts. Our main office (7 km from Aerodrome) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is a cornerstone of Indian heritage handicraft production. Our experience spans into decades in wooden furniture and finishing as well as iron, home decor, textiles, housewares, and items for practical office usage. All wood is kiln treated and seasoned with a guarantee of no insects or expansion and contraction. We are fully government forest department approved. 


Our vision is long term to be the leading name in international furniture manufacturing world wide. Our mission is to manufacture in the highest quality using the best certified raw materials, with skill and know how gained only through our in-house carpenters of hereditary tradition. We have over 150 qualified well trained workers, 3 factories, and 3 locations with counterparts in Dubai and the USA. Asian Art Exports puts value into our production, meeting the highest standards of construction and design with total custom capability. We meet all international standards.  All details of our products and company are available to view at, including but not limited to home and office furnishings, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, wrought iron, cast iron, home decor, wall hangings, clocks, stationary solutions, mirror frames, picture frames, all kinds of boxes, key holders, unlimited range of small items, art and furnishings in marble, sandstone, and granite, all available in a variety of custom finishes iron included (lacquer finishing available).


We at Asian Art Exports are focused on competitive pricing and quick delivery , the best packing and crating practices, with high quality modern equipment, talented carpenters, high quality wood and raw materials, and a willingness and ability to be the cutting edge in developing trends in the high end furniture production market.